About Us

The Company
Last Fuse LLC is a small graphics company founded in 2009. We started by doing signs and window decals for friends. Last Fuse was just a hobby. In October of 2009, we decided to start designing Mac decals for Apple products and opened a small Etsy shop with 1 design. Nothing sold. About a month later we decided to try 2 more designs. Within 3 days we had 100′s of orders and were featured on several websites. Keeping with that basic idea of simple and sleek designs for the Macintosh market. Decal For That creates Apple related designs for one of the greatest and most enthusiastic communities in the world.

The Brand
Inspired by the simplistic design of the products they stick to. Decal For That strives to make beautiful Apple themed decals for the Geek inside everyone.

The Decals
Our decals use a technology safe adhesive that holds on tight yet comes off cleanly. They’re perfect for your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone, or iMac. They can also be applied to your car window, bedroom wall, laptop or desk.