Custom Decals

What Is A Decal?

Decals are precision cut pieces of sticky vinyl. Our competitors call their clear stickers with printed images decals when they're actually just stickers.




How Are Decals Made?


We take a large roll of technology safe vinyl and use a computer controlled blade called a plotter to cut a design in the vinyl. Once the design is cut we remove the negative pieces and we're left with a decal. Then we apply a layer of application tape to keep all the pieces of the decal aligned and protected until you're ready to apply it to your device.




How Can I Design A Decal?

To start designing you decal you'll need some form of vector creation software. Then you'll need to create your design using paths.

Once your design is finished make sure you have all you your layers outlined and that you've removed any stokes, guides and extra layers. Our software will cut all the paths in the file. We suggest viewing your design in a wireframe mode to ensue that you don't have any unintended overlapping paths.



Submitting Your Decals


Submit your decal in the size you'd like it cut. Email is as an .EPS file to and we'll get back to you asap.